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The key to success in any transaction is cultural alignment...

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The key to success in any transaction is cultural alignment. The focus should always be on client and staff outcomes, and if you get these rights you will get the best result for your business and family. The key to valuing a business is looking beyond the numbers, and focusing on client, staff, systems, processes, marketing, technology, compliance, and other components to get a true and full picture of the strengths and weakness of each business reviewed. “A business is a living organism, and you need to understand each part that makes it work”.

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Forte is at the forefront of the mergers and acquisition market within the financial services industry. We work in real time to assist business owners to grow and capitalise on opportunities that are presented towards them. We share our knowledge in market commentaries, presentations, webinars, and one on one consulting. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide clients with both the theory and real-world application throughout the M&A process. We are very well networked and have more than 6000 subscribers in our database. We consult on a variety of M&A strategies including business sales, succession planning, capital raising, partial equity sales, disputes, valuations, and other business advisory roles.

Steve Prendeville

Steve is the founder and managing director of Forte Asset Solutions.

Steve has enjoyed a successful 30 plus year career in financial services. Steve started his career in banking then stockbroking and in 1987 was Australia’s youngest certified investment planner. Steve was involved in the creation of National Mutual Financial Planning, before joining First State Fund Managers. Steve was a Partner in Deloitte and CEO of Deloitte Financial Services a HNW Advisory Group.  After selling DFS Steve created Australia’s first specialist financial services M&A group. Steve has sold over 150 practices in his career spanning financial planning, accounting, risk, mortgage brokering, asset management, dealer groups and multi-disciplined. Steve is a member of the International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts. Steve enjoys playing bad golf and drinking good wine with friends and family.

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