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We hear constantly that compliance is so burdensome that charging an appropriate fee is really challenging. Dealerships fees are going up, compliance costs are going up and the press never helps. We hear that the industry is fractured with too many voices and businesses focused on their outcomes and not the advisers. Therefore, we are not aligned with any institution, dealership and have absolutely no conflict of interest. We have observed that too much industry time and money is wasted on noise and not enough invested in you.

How can we help?

Our focus is the individual adviser and his performance in front of the client, whether you are a standalone or part of a larger practice that doesn’t have the time or the skills too coach you individually. We don’t lecture you or run group webinars to make us easy money by simply passing on trendy ideas. We sit next to you and we individually coach you to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with your clients. We constantly pull apart and challenge the way you engage with with real clients and we help you modify that for better outcomes. We coach you to better articulate your worth and your value to the client in a way that fits with you and your style. The end result is you will find fulfilling your B.I.D. obligations easier and clients will pay you more.

Gary Jenkins

Gary has been in Financial Services for nearly 40 years. He has been an advisor, a bdm, a pdm and held national roles with fund managers and dealerships.

He has successfully coached bdm/pdm sales teams and many financial planning businesses. The last 15 years has seen Gary build a successful consultancy business specialising in financial planning and associated professions. With years of hands on experience, Gary brings a wealth of practical and sensible ideas and solutions to white collar professionals. He has a strong track record of helping advisors determine and achieve their goals. Gary has a particular interest in helping advisors be renumerated appropriately by the right clients for the value that they bring to those clients tables. Helping advisors understand their value and then being able to articulate that value and being paid appropriately is a corner stone of Gary’s work.

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