What’s key to a successful deal? A deep understanding – it’s at the centre of everything.

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What’s key to a successful deal? A deep understanding – it’s at the centre of everything. Depth of knowledge coupled with experience drives the unique requirements for any given outcome. There is no one-size fits all approach.

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Ascenta’s proven track record with top-tier law firms, listed and unlisted companies and closely held corporations has exhibited an adeptness at working on time-sensitive deals. A tailored approach to M&A and joint ventures nurtures relationships between all stakeholders as well as ensuring a dynamic response for the inevitable regulatory issues or roadblocks. Whether it’s help with pre-deal work such as structuring or due diligence, the deal itself or resolving disputes after the fact, Ascenta has wide experience with specialist advisers ranging from M&A to tax to regulatory. Through strategic planning and decisive execution we can help financial services businesses focus their negotiations and support growth and successful outcomes.

Narin Xavier de Saini

Narin is the author of the Australian chapter of the Thomson Reuters Private M&A Overview and completes dozens of transactions each year.

He has acted for financial services, credit and registrable superannuation entity licensees and representatives. This includes financial planning dealer groups, independent licensees, trustees and national award-winning boutiques.

Narin has a passion for technology, music, and of course, making deals. He is inquisitive, creative and an out of the box thinker. Motivated by the question ‘what would a law firm look like if it was built by the client?’ He’s developed the core principle of combining technology with human-led expertise which is at the heart of Ascenta’s mission.    

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