A review of 2020 – Market Commentary

2020 a year that will forever be in the global collective consciousness for the social, health and political crises experienced.

Australia entered the New Year with a fire season that started in 4th qtr of 2019 and then had devastating consequences in early 2020. It was a physical dramatisation of what financial services has gone through in 2018 and 2019. Though it seems the landscape has been forever changed, there are scars but also regrowth on the horizon.

2019 was our industry’s annus horribilis (see 2019 commentary) and 2020 was actually a year of affirmation and demonstration of resilience. As a community, financial services participants can consider ourselves as survivors and much like the economy, we have experienced a very significant bounce back with better businesses and greater public trust. We stood at the front-line re-information dissemination in a time of great need and client value was never more evident.

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